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In our shops we only use pure eating chocolates, this makes it more challenging to turn them into chocolate drinks. However the reason for this is that products marketed as 'drinking chocolate'  typically have additives  designed to make them melt into milk more quickly, or artificially achieve a foamy texture.  These unnecessary additions have a detrimental impact on the overall flavour.

We sell a selection of our chocolates buttons in our shops and online. These are primarily intended as eating chocolates, although they can also be used to make hot chocolate at home. If you wish to use your buttons to make drinks we have some tips to help ensure the best results at home.

1) We recommend using a 50g button per cup - although you use more/less than this depending on how rich you like your drinks to be.

2) Never  drop cold buttons into hot milk. Either melt the chocolate in the mug before over pouring hot milk , or heat the chocolate and milk together in the same vessel until they reach the desired temperature.

3) Milk and chocolate can be heated together in a microwave or on a stove top. We prefer short bursts in a microwave as there is less risk of burning the chocolate/milk.

4) The more the chocolate and milk are mixed together, the better the texture will be. Stirring the heated mix  together with a spoon will work in a pinch, but an electric whisk will give the best home results possible. It is often easier to make the mix in a large jug/saucepan and then transfer it into a mug.

5) Each of our chocolates can be enjoyed without any additions. Although in the shop we use flavours and spices in our drinks. We could go on at great length about all the different combinations possible but we have some broad guidelines if you would like to try and experiment with different flavours. You can use herbs/spices (1/8tsp - 1/2tsp depending on how strong the chosen spice is)  or fruit zest (approx 1/2 of a citrus fruit zested) to flavour your drink. Add any flavours to your cold milk/chocolate and after it has been heated and mixed strain through a fine sieve into your mug. 

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