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Rich and creamy chocolate spread like you have never tasted, made using real chocolate and natural ingridients. Choose from our current selection of chocolates and flavours...


Great on toast but we designed the spread to be very versitile and so far we have had great results using them in baking, pancakes/crepes, waffles, on fruit, with ice cream and even in porridge oats!


Each spread has an ingredient label and will keep until the end of January if kept refridgerated  but feel free to get in touch via our website or our Facebook page if you have any specific enquiries! 

Real Chocolate Spread

  • We will send a confirmation email when your order is ready to collect. Since the store is currently closed due to the latest lockdown we will also message you to arrange a pickup time that best suits you.

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Save 10% by ordering 2+ weeks in advance.

You save money and Cocoa Joe’s saves ingredients. A win for you, Cocoa Joe’s and the Planet! 🌎

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