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About us

We are an independent chocolate drinks business with cafes in York and Pateley Bridge. We have chocolates from all over the world and visitors are always to try our solid chocolates to discover their favorite. Our team of cocoa-baristas then turn the chocolate into a hot or iced drink before your eyes.

Our story

Rather than treating solid chocolate and drinking chocolate as separate, surely the best way to make great chocolate drinks is to simply use the best solid chocolate you can find?

This thought led to Cocoa Joe's being founded, when we started life serving chocolate drinks from a market stall back in 2018, and is still the foundation of everything we do. 

The flavour in our drinks is the result of the solid chocolate used. For this reason it is vital not only to use great chocolate, but to use the right chocolate. Everybody has different tastes and preferences and, just like with whiskey, wine or coffee, there is a huge variety of natural variation in chocolate flavours.

This is why we take time with each customer to allow them to sample the solid chocolates before we make it into their drink, so that they can be sure they are choosing the right chocolate for themselves. 

woman farmer pick cacao pods from tree

We choose chocolates from as many different sources as possible. The specific species of cacao tree, the conditions in which they are cultivated and the production process of the chocolatier are what allow chocolates have their own distinctive flavours. Therefore by sourcing a wide variety of quality chocolates, we end up with a vast array of unique flavours that you can explore. 

Sustainability is also extremely important to us. That is why we always use compostable cups in our shops and will only buy from suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment to ethically sourced cocoa and proper farming practices. This ensures that those who produce the chocolate we love get a good deal, so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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