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Do we have vegan options?

We have a large selection of vegan chocolates/chocolate drinks. All of our dark chocolates are vegan and we have a cashew based vegan 'milk' chocolate also. Drinks can be made using oat, almond and coconut milk. Your server will be happy to assist in recommending vegan options.

Can we cater for allergies?

We can easily accommodate almost all allergies and many of our customers have dietary requirements. Most of our chocolates are free from 'traces of' allergen-risk ingredients. We can also use a sterilised serving area and fresh equipment to avoid cross-contamination risks in our shops if you inform your server that a member of your party has an allergy we should be aware of. Currently both of our shops have a 5/5 food hygiene rating.

Do we allow dogs?

Yes. Please bring you dog, our staff will be very grateful.

Do we take reservations?

Unfortunately due to the size of our shops and the high demand during peak times we do not take reservations. 

How do I turn Cocoa Joe's chocolates/chocolate flakes into a drink?

The 'Chocolate Drinks at Home' section provides detailed instructions for making your own drinks with our chocolates. Don't forget chocolate buttons can also be eaten!

If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to get in touch via the 'Contact Us' form below.



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