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The perfect gift for any chocolate lover!


Each box contains four button bags (50g each) as well as a voucher that can be redeemed in the shop for any two of our drinks. 


There are seven different varieties of button bag you can choose from to suit your preferences, tasting notes for each avialiable chocolate can be found on our menu.


The voucher is valid until July 2025. Each bag has an ingredient label but feel free to get in touch via our website or our Facebook page if you have any specific enquiries!

Gift Box With Voucher

  • The button bags contain the exact same luxury chocolates that we use for making our drinks in the shop. However it is important to clarify that we use eating chocolate to make our drinks.


    This means that the chocolate was manafactured with baking or being eaten in mind. We use this chocolate in our drinks as we believe they have the best flavour, however it does mean that it is hard to make hot chocolate out of them without specialist equipment. Whilst we recommend eating the chocolate buttons as is, if you would like to try and make hot chocolate by melting them into milk we have a few tips that will help:


    1) Heat the buttons along with the milk, do not drop cold buttons into hot milk 

    2) Use approx 1 bag per mug of milk but this can be adjusted depending on  your preferences

    3) You can heat with either a stove or a micowave but we prefer a microwave as there is less risk of burning the chocolate

    4) Probably the most important tip is to use a hand or electric whisk to mix the buttons into the milk - this will result in a much smoother texture 


    Finally we are sometimes asked why our buttons can have a slighty scuffed exterior. This is purely a result of using chocolate without additives or hardening agents which means they are more maluable and rub against each other during transport. This is just a result of using natural chocolate and should be no cause for concern. 

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Save 10% by ordering 2+ weeks in advance.

You save money and Cocoa Joe’s saves ingredients. A win for you, Cocoa Joe’s and the Planet! 🌎

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